Research analysts’ skills development – A source of competitive advantage in asset management?

Denny Ellison’s training continues to fill in an existing gap in the market for training and development of research analysts.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that training is becoming a greater priority to heads of research.

Some asset management firms have implemented a required minimum amount of training into their analysts’ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) process.

This has the benefit to ensure that:

  • The analysts proactively track and document their skills and knowledge development;
  • The standard of research across the department is maintained, potentially supporting further investment performance; and that
  • Clients and asset owners see a real commitment behind the quality of internal research.

CPD does not only apply to early-career analysts and we have also received some interest from asset managers for tailored training to more experienced analysts.

We are pleased with the positive feedback received from our asset management clients following the successful launch of our buy side analyst training program last year.

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In addition to our training program to early-career analysts, we have developed the following training services to respond to additional solicitations:

  • Customised training to more experienced research analysts
  • Training to people working in operations and client services departments within asset management firms
  • Presentations delivered at clients’ offsites on a specific subject

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